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What happens after I receive and approve my estimate?
  1. After accepting this estimate, we will email you a contract from EchoSign to review and sign.
  2. Once received, we will provide payment confirmation, which requires test charge of $1.00, if credit card is chosen.
  3. Payment is due in full on date work is completed. We must secure arrangements in advance.
  4. Schedule date and time of work, as well as any specific arrangements needed to gain access to the work area.
If I spray my lawn with chemicals for weeds, what is the impact on children or animals?

The chemicals used are safe for children and animals after 24­-48 hours depending on chemical applied and the form of the chemical (spray or granular). Some chemicals also have to be watered in by the customer, in which we would email the customer explaining what the next step is.

When should I clean my gutters?

Gutters are recommended to be cleaned every 4-­6 months, depending on leaf fall. We recommend to clean the gutters in late spring after the pollen has finished, and after leaf fall is completed.

When should I re­sod my yard, and what are the next steps once sod is put down?

Warm Season grass (Zoysia) should be planted late March or early April once the vegetation has “greened ­up” from winter. Once old sod is removed and the lawn is tilled, chemicals are applied to help the new sod become established.

Cool season grass (fescue/Zeon) should be planted early fall before heavy leaf fall.

Warm & Cool season grass should be watered daily right after planting, unless it rains. The second week after planting, the sod should be watered every other day. A “deep watering” should be done once a week to ensure the roots catch and establish themselves deep within the soil.

New sod should be mowed after it catches. Depending on the location of the sod, the season, and the temperatures this varies.

Are chemicals important for sod?

Absolutely. Chemicals help newly planted sod to establish and start a healthy root network, and applying fertilizer regularly helps maintain this root network and keep the sod nourished and green.

When should I aerate?

Warm season grass should be aerated in early spring, as it is coming out of dormancy. Cool season grass should be aerated prior to fall.

Is there a difference in types of service for preparing home to be painted versus sprucing up the outside?

We recommend that if painting is occurring, to clean up the outside landscape with a general clean up before painting. If pressure washing occurs, this must be done before painting, as dust particles can become engrained in fresh paint. For sprucing up the outside, this can vary depending on how in depth one would like the service to be.

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